[oXygen-user] How To Set Up Custom DITA OT Transforms Using Ant Tasks

Eliot Kimber
Thu Jan 8 15:00:19 CST 2009

I've worked out how to configure the built-in DITA-specific transforms and
successfully integrated my local Toolkit plugins. That all works great.

What I want to do now is replicate what I currently have in a script, which
runs the XHTML process and then runs the TOCJS process to generate a HTML
package that includes the TOCJS dynamic TOC.

I think the best way to do this (or at least the cleanest from a reusability
standpoint) is to set up an Ant script that does what the script does
(there's also file copying and stuff that has to happen as well).

I looked through the Oxygen user guide on line and didn't see anything
specifically about setting up DITA-specific processes but I see from looking
at my saved DITA scenarios that there is DITA-specific stuff in the scenario
definition itself.

Is there documentation on how to do what I want to do or is it something
someone can outline for me quickly?



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