[oXygen-user] Cannot locate a schema for namespace ... [solved]

Bradley, Peter
Thu Jan 8 04:59:26 CST 2009

Hi Sorin,

Many thanks for that.  I'd never met this situation before and had no
idea how to proceed: but when you explain it as you do, it all becomes

Apologies for my lack of Google-sense.  When I Google for "xml schema
import" I get the answer - by inference - in the first item returned.
So Googling the error message as I did turns out not to have been a good
idea!  Isn't hindsight wonderful?

So, another problem solved: another item learnt.  That's what I love
about this job.

Thanks again


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The XML parser cannot know where to get the XML Schema for the namespace

"urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:eppcom-1.0" if the resolver set to the parser 
does not map the namespace URI to the XML Schema file that defines the 

   <import namespace="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:eppcom-1.0"/>

The resolver set to the XML parser by Oxygen cannot find the location of

a schema file when only the target namespace is specified:

You have to specify the location of the schema file too:

     <import namespace="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:eppcom-1.0" 

Here I assumed that the file Rfc4930Types.xsd is located in the same 
directory as Rfc4930.xsd.

We plan to enhance the XML Catalog resolver of Oxygen in a future 
version so that it can map a namespace URI to a schema location when the

schemaLocation attribute is not specified, that is based on an XML 
catalog entry like:

  <uri name="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:eppcom-1.0" 

The XML catalog with such an entry would be set in Oxygen from menu 
Options -> Preferences -> XML -> XML Catalog.


Bradley, Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a project to implement RFC4930 (EPP).
> The RFC provides two schemas that define the XML formats for the
> messages passed in the emplementation:
> http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc4930.html
> The schemas are in section 4 (Formal Syntax), paras 1 and 2.
> I've created an oXygen project for this, and added two files: one for
> the "Base Schema", and one for the "Shared Structure" schema.  I've
> called these, respectively:
> * Rfc4930.xsd
> * Rfc4930Types.xsd
> However, the former (Rfc4930.xsd) will not validate in oXygen.  Saxon
> gives a warning:
> SystemID: C:\Projects\RFC4930\Rfc4930.xsd
> Location: 8:60
> Description: [SaxonSA] Cannot locate a schema for namespace
> urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:eppcom-1.0
> This is followed by two errors:
> SystemID: C:\Projects\RFC4930\Rfc4930.xsd
> Location: 181:0
> Description: [SaxonSA] The type {clIDType} is referenced, but has not
> been declared
> SystemID: C:\Projects\RFC4930\Rfc4930.xsd
> Location: 300:0
> Description: [SaxonSA] The type {minTokenType} is referenced, but has
> not been declared
> I guess that the errors are occurring because the schema cannot be
> found.
> Can anyone explain to me what I have to do to get the types declared?
> tried including the types document in the base schema, but that didn't
> help things.
> I guess the problem is fairly straightforward, but it appears
> nevertheless to be beyond me.
> Thanks in advance
> Peter
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