[oXygen-user] MarkLogic Server Validation Support

Florent Georges
Mon Jan 5 03:49:21 CST 2009

Sorin Ristache wrote:


> MarkLogic support suggested some time ago that Saxon 9 should be
> used for validating XQuery files that will be executed on a
> MarkLogic database as MarkLogic tends to implement the XQuery
> standard in their database engine. I think there are still some
> differences between the XQuery version of MarkLogic and the XQuery
> standard but this is the best that you can get.

  For what is worth noting, I think there are three XQuery versions
available out there: 0.9-ml, 1.0-ml and 1.0 (aka standard XQuery.)
For what I've seen on the ML, it seems the *-ml versions (specifics to
MarkLogic thus) are used often, even if the query is actually a plain,
standard query.  Like if the XQuery users where more influenced by the
SQL world than by the XML world...

  I am not sure that could be an issue if using Saxon to validate the
queries with a *-ml version, and if it is, if it can be worked around.

  Hope that helps,

Florent Georges


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