[oXygen-user] verbose logging in dita transforms

Radu Coravu
Thu Dec 3 04:20:47 CST 2009

Dear Ted,

Oxygen just starts ANT as an external process and captures all the 
logging events from the ANT process (which normally end up in the 
console when using ANT from a command line).

Some of the output you see is generated by ANT when it starts different 
targets like:

while other output is generated by the DITA OT java extensions, output like:
[pipeline] java.io.FileNotFoundException: 
C:\TEST\DITA_Maps\Concept\Rhino_3D_Surface_Solid_Modeler-conc.xml (The 
system cannot find the file specified)

Usually this kind of output indicated a warning/error which should get 
I know no way to set a verbose level to the DITA OT java libraries, 
maybe you can ask this one on the DITA Users List.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Ted Kuster wrote:
> I've noticed that the stdout content that scrolls by when I run a DITA 
> transform with Oxygen 11 is a lot more verbose than it was with previous 
> Oxygen versions. I get way more info than I need. Where is the verbosity 
> level set for that?
> Thanks
> Ted Kuster
> help.collab.net
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