[oXygen-user] XPath over sets of files

Florent Georges
Fri Sep 26 16:08:49 CDT 2008

Wendell Piez wrote:

  Hi Wendell,

> How about an XPath option that would work the same way? Currently I 
> usually write myself a little Schematron to locate particular nodes, 
> which isn't a big deal. But it would be nice not to have to when the 
> search can be expressed simply in a one-line XPath.

  Sounds like a great idea!  If I can give my $0.02, I think it could
even be generalized by providing an XQuery sandbox along with a few
variables, functions or collections:

      // xs:complexType/@name/data(.)

      // xsl:template/@name[resolve-QName(., ..)[
           namespace-uri-from-QName(.) eq 'http://my.ns' ]]
      / document-uri(.)

  Augmented with a dialog box to set up the default collection by using
a directory selection dialog box, project dropdown list and various
options, as well as a saved history, I think that would be a powerful
general purpose tool (while well integrated into oXygen yet.)

  Hope that helps.  Regards,



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