[oXygen-user] Scenario editor: doc param and meta-stylesheet scenario

Florent Georges
Fri Sep 26 12:59:31 CDT 2008


  I have the following stylesheet parameter in one of my
stylesheets (note its type):

    <xsl:param name="initial" as="document-node()"/>

  I don't find how I can set its value in the scenario
editor.  Is it possible or do I have to create a driver
stylesheet getting a filename and parsing it to set this
parameter?  (really, I'd like to avoid that)

  As a slide question, this stylesheet is actually a
generated stylesheet.  But I didn't find a way in the
scenario editor to support meta-stylesheet (a double
transformation that first generates the stylesheet using the
meta-stylesheet, then transform a document using this
generated stylesheet.)  For now I have each time to launch
two scenarios one right after the other.  But maybe I just
didn't find the right way to achieve that?

  Best regards,

--drkm, looking forward to XProc as a scenario language ;-)


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