[oXygen-user] Upgrading Saxon, and custom processor thoughts

Florent Georges
Fri Sep 26 12:35:57 CDT 2008


  The Saxon version used in "XML Editor 9.3, build
2008081313" is still  I tried to add the latest but there is no support for parameters for custom
processors.  Did I miss anything?

  Here is what I would have thought to be able to do: when
asking oXygen to add a processor, beside to be able to give
it the command line, it should be possible to say "this
processor is of well-known kind 'Saxon B'".  Because oXygen
already knowns how to support Saxon B, the user only need to
give the directory where he put the JARs (and the license
for the equivalent support for Saxon SA.)

  And this mechanism could be used for other kind of processor
as well (libxslt, MarkLogic, eXist...)

  Did I miss something that looks like that?  Or at least
that allows me either to use parameters with custom
processors or to update the Saxon version used?

  Best regards,



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