[oXygen-user] Xpath and Saxon return tabs as text

Wendell Piez
Tue Sep 9 09:24:43 CDT 2008

Hi again,

At 05:48 AM 9/5/2008, you wrote:
>Until we add the option for stripping whitespace-only nodes in the 
>evaluation of expressions on the XPath toolbar you can use the 
>following XPath 2.0 expression which does the stripping:
>//text()[string-length(translate(., ' 	
', '')) > 0]

Or (more succinctly, to similar effect):


The problem being that either of these expressions will fail to 
retrieve all the text here

<p>Here's a <b>big</b> <i>bad</i> paragraph.</p>

since the text node between the 'b' and 'i' elements has only whitespace.


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