[oXygen-user] set an XML Schema for a directory?

Sorin Ristache
Mon Sep 8 08:17:49 CDT 2008

Hello Robert,

The schema is not assigned to a file when the action "Validate Selection 
with ..." is executed in the Project view. You still need to use one of 
the schema association mechanisms of Oxygen because the Project view 
action is intended as a one time only association between a set of files 
and a schema. I am sure you already know the association mechanisms of 
Oxygen but just in case there are some users who do not know them:

- the schema of a document type that matches the edited document:



- a schema specified in the edited document, for example with a DOCTYPE 
declaration, the xsi:schemaLocation attribute or a processing 
instruction (for Relax NG schemas and NVDL schemas):


- the schema learned by Oxygen from the current structure of the XML 



Robert Koberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven't used project mode much, but I just created a new project and 
> imported a directory structure into it. One of the folders contains 
> content files that are supposed to adhere to one XML Schema. I see the 
> 'validate selection with...' which allows me to validate the entire 
> directory -- which is great.
> However, when I bring up an invalid file I would like to have the editor 
> know which schema to use (the one I validated the dir against) so the 
> editor will give the element/attribute options without having to assign 
> the schema each time.
> Make sense? Is this possible?
> best,
> -Rob

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