[oXygen-user] XSD to DTD?

Sorin Ristache
Thu Sep 4 10:23:57 CDT 2008


I think hand coding the DTD is not really an option for large schemas.

There is no direct way for the conversion but you can generate an XML 
instance document from each XML Schema using the action Generate Sample 
XML Files from menu Tools. For generating a DTD from an XML instance 
document run the actions Learn Structure (Ctrl + Shift + L) and Save 
Structure (Ctrl + Shift + S) available on the menu Document -> XML Document.


Andrew Welch wrote:
>> We're really liking the OxygenXML product, and we're using it more and more
>> as we develop our structured content. While there is a lot hype on using the
>> XSD format, we frankly find the viewing of it in the windows a bit awkward,
>> and at the risk of sounding old, we would prefer to simply have a DTD format
>> to view or to load into certain tools. I know we can convert DTDs into XSDs
>> with OxygenXML.  Is it possible to convert XSDs to DTDs within the
>> OxygenXML?
> Ha... don't be lame... :)
> Look up the "garden of eden" style and hand code your schemas... the
> equivalent of a DTD is really basic and is no problem at all to code.
> It's really nice and simple... it makes writing schemas a pleasure.

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