[oXygen-user] Validation log file

Sorin Ristache
Mon Sep 1 02:56:47 CDT 2008

Hello Jenny,

We decided to add in the next version of Oxygen an action "Save results 
as XML" to the popup menu of the panel with the error messages and 
result messages. For an error message like:

SystemID: C:\Projects\testing\out\foo_88_5-051101_1.xml
Location: 2114:0
Description: This graphic should have xlink:href starting with 'boo:'. 
(starts-with(@xlink:href, 'boo:'))

the saved record will be:

     <Description>Programming exception: This graphic should have a 
xlink:href attribute starting with 'boo:'. (starts-with(@xlink:href, 
'boo:' ))</Description>


Jing, Jenny wrote:
> Hi, Wendell:
> Thank you for your suggestion. I use Perl to do that. But it would be nice if Oxygen can provide that function.
> Jenny

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