[oXygen-user] different results using TRANG directly and from within oXygen

Sorin Ristache
Thu May 29 08:30:41 CDT 2008


We patched Trang in Oxygen to fix this problem of correct namespace 
prefixes added to element names. You can apply the patch in Ant too by 
adding oxygen.jar in front of trang.jar to the classpath of your Ant task.


Theun Fleer wrote:
> hi
> How is TRANG being called from <oXygen/>?
> When I convert a (simplified) RELAX NG Schema directly with TRANG using
> java -jar trang.jar -I rng -O dtd myschema.rng myschema.dtd
> the resulting DTD is not valid (regarding namespaces with "fixed prefixes")
> I use this call (using ANT) to automate the process of converting 
> RNG-schemas to DTDs (and XSDs)
> But when I convert the same myschema.rng from within <oXygen/> using 
> Tools > Trang Converter... the result is a perfect DTD, valid and just 
> how I want it to be. What's causing the differences? And how can I use 
> TRANG from ANT in the same way as <oXygen/>?
> groet
> Theun Fleer
> Daidalos, NL

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