[oXygen-user] Mac: oXygen 9.2 + Java SE6 = key up/down problems

Jan Nylund
Mon May 19 04:40:03 CDT 2008


I'm running oXygen 9.2 on Mac OS X Leopard and recently updated to use  
Java SE 6 to get spaces working properly.

However, I got another strange error that appears to be related to  
oXygen (but it might still be java.. can't tell).

If I run oXygen with Java 6, the up and down keys will not move the  
cursor, but instead move the scrollbar. The arrows left / right works  
as supposed, and selecting text with shift + up/down also works as  
normal. I do not get this behavior in other Java applications so I  
suspect it to be oXygen related.

The same behaviour has been reproduced on three different machines all  
running the latest version of OS X / oXygen.


Jan Nylund
System Designer
Citec Information Oy Ab

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