[oXygen-user] v 9.2 acting flaky

Sorin Ristache
Wed May 14 02:33:50 CDT 2008

Hello Robert,

There was a problem with the Java look and feel set by the 
launcher created by the Linux installer of Oxygen. When 
Compiz was running the look and feel was set to Motif in the 
AWT_TOOLKIT variable but this look and feel does not work 
well with Compiz. We disabled that setting in the launcher, 
we repackaged the Linux installer and we uploaded it to the 
Download page. Please download and install the new Linux kit 
package. The Oxygen build number is the same but the MD5 sum 
has changed:



Robert Koberg wrote:
> Thanks, I even found this well documented bit of information myself :)
> Just as an update, I have been running the 9.2 version with no problems
> starting from oxygen.sh since my last note. 
> I am loving the new editing functionality where you edit the start tag
> name and the end tag adjusts to match - very nice!
> thanks,
> -Rob

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