[oXygen-user] XInclude warnings in version 9.2

Sorin Ristache
Mon May 12 04:53:59 CDT 2008


The text fragments (parse='text') included in the current 
document are not handled correctly in the Author mode. Thank 
you for reporting this problem.

You can avoid the red error messages by disabling the 
included content with the option "Display referred content" 
available from Options -> Preferences -> Editor -> Author. 
After disabling the included content only the xi:include 
tags will be displayed. If you want to hide these tags too 
in the Author mode you should set the following CSS 
stylesheet in the DocBook document type from Options -> 
Preferences -> Document Type Association -- DocBook 4 (or 
DocBook 5) -- Edit -- The Author tab -- CSS:

@import "docbook.css";

@namespace xi "http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude";

xi|include {
     display:none !important;

where "docbook.css" is the location of the default DocBook 
CSS. I assumed in the above CSS stylehseet that the custom 
CSS stylesheet is saved in the same folder with the default 
DocBook one.

The included content is handled correctly in XSLT 
transformations and this is why Jacques did not have this 
problem in the PDF output.


Jacques Foucry wrote:
> On 10 mai 08, at 16:00, Cody Fauser wrote:
>> Error parsing external reference:
>> file:/Users/cody/writing/oreilly/book/code/output/actionmailer/generator_example.txt. 
>> Cause: The replacement of an 'include' element appearing as the
>> document element in the top-level source infoset cannot contain
>> characters.
> I have the same behaviors in author mode put when generating the PDF 
> (using XEP) it works perfectly.
> Jacques

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