[oXygen-user] XInclude warnings in version 9.2

Cody Fauser
Sat May 10 09:00:20 CDT 2008

I just updated to version 9.2 build 2008050821. I have many XInclude
tags in by Docbook document that include plain text code samples like
the following:

href='../code/output/actionmailer/generator_example.txt' parse='text'

With the new version I'm receiving a large red warning in the author view like:

Error parsing external reference:
 Cause: The replacement of an 'include' element appearing as the
document element in the top-level source infoset cannot contain

Is there any way to prevent this behavior? It is very visually
distracting and fills some pages of my document almost entirely with
the red warnings.

Cody Fauser
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