[oXygen-user] hide/replace content of elements

Philipp Steinkrüger
Tue Apr 29 08:43:06 CDT 2008

Dear list,

i have yet another question concerning the hiding or replacing of 
elements, but this time regarding the
content. working in the author mode it would be helpful to hide certain 
elements, like <note> or <abbr>.
using display:none is not very helpful, though, because then the element 
gets completely removed, even from the
structure-view (which i think should be considered a bug, the structure 
view should not be affected by the css).
using visibility:hidden seems to be a better idea, but then the text is 
just invisible and the empty elements are producing
large gaps in the text. do you see any possibility to hide the text on 
the one hand, but display a label or something (showing the tags would
be perfectly fine). i also experimented with width=1px in the definition 
of the element in the css, but it doesn't work.

thanks in advance,

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