[oXygen-user] using custom parser in saxon 9 transformation scenario

Peter Rushforth
Fri Apr 25 05:04:51 CDT 2008

Hi Sorin,

> Now I think I understand. You want to apply an XSLT stylesheet to a stream
> of XML events generated by a custom parser from a binary file. You call the
> custom parser from a custom URI resolver that resolves the URL of the input
> XML file. You set the -u parameter for passing the URL of the input XML file
> through the custom URI resolver.

That's right.

> This cannot be done in the current version of Oxygen because Oxygen passes
> the URL of the input XML file only through a built-in resolver that tries to
> resolve the URL of the input XML file with the XML catalogs set in the user
> preferences. The Saxon custom URI resolver is used by Saxon internally only
> for URIs from the XSLT stylesheet because the stream of XML events from the
> input XML file is provided by Oxygen. A future version of Oxygen will pass
> the URL of the input file also through the Saxon custom URI resolver as if
> the -u parameter is always set when Saxon is used in Oxygen.

I look forward to that.
> There is a very simple workaround: load the input file through your custom
> URI resolver directly from the XSLT stylesheet with the document() function,
> something like:
>    <xsl:template match="/">
>        <xsl:apply-templates
> select="document('URI-of-binary-file-resolved-by-custom-UR-resolver')"/>
>    </xsl:template>
> Of course you have to set the class name of your custom URI resolver in
> Options -> Preferences -- XML -- XSLT/FO/XQuery -- XSLT -- Saxon -- Saxon 9
> -- Advanced -- URI Resolver class name.

Did that.

I tried this but it didn't work either.  Still got the "Content not
allowed in prolog" message.


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