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Barton Wright
Fri Apr 11 10:37:20 CDT 2008


My Oxygen 9.1 license inlcudes Syncro SVN Client 2.6. But SVN Client 3.1 is available on your web site. I was wondering if Oxygen 9.2 would include the latest Syncro SVN Client.


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We are getting close to a new oXygen release. This will be a version 9 
maintenance release, oXygen 9.2.
We made available a beta build from the links below:




Eclipse 3.3 update site

What is new in 9.2... There are more than 450 issues that were recorded 
as fixed in 9.2 already and probably the number will grow near 500 when 
it will become generally available. I will try to enumerate a few from 
the most important additions below.

* oXygen Author
There are people that are not developers or there are times when you are 
not interested in the development features of oXygen and you want just 
to do XML editing. The oXygen Author removes the development features 
offering a more simple interface for XML editing.
To start the oXygen Author you can use the author executable or the 
author batch script from your oXygen installation.
The oXygen Author is available also as a separate product, both as a 
standalone application and as an Eclipse plugin. The separate oXygen 
Author installation kits are below. The license key for oXygen works 
also with the oXygen Author:





Eclipse 3.3 update site

* Navigation support
The visual editing (Author mode) supports now links. The links are 
specified in the associated CSS using a link property. oXygen will 
render them and will open the referred document when you click on a 
link. We updated the DITA, TEI and DocBook CSS stylesheets to add link 
support for the specific linking elements in each framework. The link 
support works also with DITA conrefs and XInclude.

* In place view of the included/referenced content
The included content (with XInclude for instance) or the referred 
content is presented in place as a read only block that can be 
collapsed/expanded. This gives the view of the result document with the 
inclusions and references resolved.

* Inline tags - new visual rendering in Author
In this rendering mode the block tags are hidden and the inline tags are 
presented. This is available from the Author toolbar and from the Author 
menu and gives a compact visual view while showing the inline elements' 

* DITA maps manager
This allows viewing and editing DITA map files. It acts also similar 
with a project manager allowing to easily open different topics/concepts 
for editing.
You should get the DITA maps manager visible automatically if you open a 
.ditamap file in oXygen. It will appear as a tab in the same stack with 
the Project. The toolbar, the contextual menu and drag and drop actions 
will allow to easily edit the map content. Double click to open a 
referenced file for editing.

* Closely integration of the DITA Open Toolkit for transformations
This allows to easily configure and execute specific DITA 
transformations from the DITA Maps manager to different formats (XHTML, 
PDF, HTML, JavaHelp, Eclipse Help, DocBook, etc.). These are DITA 
specific using the DITA Open Toolkit and providing more options than the 
standard XSLT transformation scenarios, see the Filters and Advanced 
tabs when editing a scenario.

* DITA conref support
You can easily insert conrefs using the "Insert a DITA Content 
Reference" action from the DITA toolbar or from the contextual menu 
Insert->Insert Content Reference.

* Synchronize the end tag with the start tag changes
If the start tag is changed oXygen will automatically change also the 
end tag, thus keeping the document well formed and saving you a few 

* ISO Schematron improvements
Allowing foreign elements in ISO Schematron schemas is controllable from 
the oXygen Schematron options. These are useful for instance when you 
want to access an XSLT 2.0 function from a Schematron rule. Also it is 
possible to specify that Schematron should be executed with Saxon SA 
(schema aware) and thus be able to use schema aware checks inside the 
Schematron rules.

Internationalization improvements
The wrapping of CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) text takes into account 
punctuation marks.
The Author and XML Source pages display on-the-spot the composed text 
(for instance when editing CJK text). The composed text is shown in the 
context of the document that it will eventually belong to, in a style 
that indicates that the text still needs to be converted or confirmed by 
the input method.

Latest Saxon 9
oXygen 9.2 supports the latest version of Saxon

Latest DocBook 5 schemas and stylesheets
The DocBook 5 final release schemas are included.
The stylesheets were updated to docbook-xsl-ns-1.73.2.

Latest XQDoc
XQDoc version 1.6 was integrated for generating XQuery documentation 
from within oXygen.

We have also 2 DITA video demonstrations showing the DITA Maps manager 
and the DITA editing:


Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina - http://aboutxml.blogspot.com/
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger
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