[oXygen-user] Add XSLStyle by default in OxygenXML

Sorin Ristache
Tue Apr 8 10:15:00 CDT 2008


Do you mean the XSLT stylesheets package for documenting 
XSLT stylesheets? We will consider it as a possible XSLT 
documentation framework to be added in a future version of 
oXygen. However this integration is not trivial as we need 
to add support for adding/editing the documentation of the 
XSLT stylesheet elements inside the documented stylesheet 
using elements like xs:doc, xs:title, xs:template, xs:param 
from the namespace accepted by XSLStyle, that is 

Thank you for your suggestion,

mozer wrote:
> Dear,
> I ask for a new integration to add by default XSLStyle inside OxygenXML
> Regards,
> Xmlizer

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