[oXygen-user] Selectively Locking Elements in the Editor

Eliot Kimber
Fri Nov 9 07:52:57 CST 2007

George Cristian Bina wrote:
> Hi Eliot,
> No, that is not possible.


> It will be interesting to link these feature requests to a more real 
> example usecase?
>> There are several use cases:

RSuite lets you manage access control of individual elements within a 
larger document (what RSuite calls "Manageable Objects" such that a 
higher-level element may contain descendant elements that are checked 
out and locked by another user. Conversely, you may want to edit an 
element that is itself checked out to somebody else but that contains 
elements that are checked out to you.

>> 1. Lock and element and all its descendants

Within a document, prevent changing to any arbitrary descendant tree.

>> 2. Lock an element and some of its descendants.

Lock an element but unlock one or more descendants.

>> 3. Lock the attributes but not the content of an element.

This is a case common in translation workflows, where you want to allow 
the text-level content of an element to be modified (e.g., to create the 
translation) but not the markup itself (e.g., authors can't accidentally 
or intentionally change attribute values).

>> 4. Lock the content but not the attributes of an element.

Inverse of 3, for completeness. Might allow updating attribute-based 
metadata without danger of changing content.



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