[oXygen-user] Vista Crash

Thu Nov 1 15:28:17 CDT 2007

Duh! Sometimes I forget to look at the obvious! I was having other
issues with Vista and didn't even think to look at the result file
because of the crashing.  I had made one change to the XSLT when
migrating from XP to Vista but it was enough to create a 77 MB file
and cause Oxygen to crash when trying to open it!

I really hate upgrading to new computers just because of the sheer
work getting programs installed and working.  Oxygen is one of my
favorite programs and it was one of the ones I was concerned about
but all is working fine!



> Run your transform with saxon ... without oxygen ... this is not likely
> oxygen ... just a guess ...
> harvey wrote:
>> My old XP system needed upgrading - basically because Oxygen was very
>> slow.  Yesterday I bought a new desktop computer with 3 Gigabytes of
>> memory and was looking forward to fast transformations |-)!
>> I installed Oxygen and everything looked great.  I tried running a
>> transformation that takes 2 seconds on my old XP with 512 megabytes
>> of memory and the transformation took 5 minutes.  I tried it again
>> and got a message saying to increate the "-Xmx" in Oxygen.bat.
>> I increased it from 256m to 512m then to 1g and am still having
>> the same problem.
>> I couldn't find any information on the archives.  Anyone have any
>> advice on solving this problem.
>> TIA!
>> Betty
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