[oXygen-user] debugging a java extension?

Sorin Ristache
Wed May 16 04:54:57 CDT 2007


The XSLT Debugger does not step into the Java extensions of the XSLT 
processor. We have this feature logged as an enhancement request but it 
was not implemented yet. I recommend generating debug output to a text 
file from the Java class.


Kai Hackemesser wrote:
> Hi!
> I try to debug a stylesheed transformation using Saxon 6.5.5. I wrote a 
> small java extension class as transformation helper. I now receive a 
> Nullpointer from within (it's still in development). Is there a 
> possibility to debug the java class while stepping through the XSLT 
> Debugger?
> Kind regards,
> Kai

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