[oXygen-user] [bug] printing diagrams is broke

Timothy Reaves
Mon Jul 30 10:26:15 CDT 2007

     I went to print a diagram of a schema I have been working on.  So I
context-clicked and selected print.  The dialog that pops up offers
little real options (margin and orientation), so I just pressed OK
and walked over to the printer.  Where 24 pages of paper were waiting
for me.  So I'm left wondering what moron thought that was a good
thing when designing the print system?  What an incredible waste of
paper.  Plus, like I really have nothing better to do that tape 24
pages (it's a relatively small schema too) together.

     I'm a big fan of oXygen, and have converted several of my co-workers
over to it.  This is really the first time I've had to just scratch
my head in wonder.  For images, the print system should either
constrain to a single page (the default), or ask what to do.

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