[oXygen-user] Is It PossibleTo Assign Shortcuts Keys For Code Template

Sorin Ristache
Fri Jul 27 04:34:44 CDT 2007


I see that in oXygen 8.2 the existing editors do not see the changes 
applied to the code templates so you have to close the file and reopen 
it in a new editor panel. In the current development stream the problem 
is fixed. Probably some changes in the code for applying the user 
preferences fixed the problem. In the next version of oXygen the changes 
of the code templates will work correctly.


Jeff Sese wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorin Ristache wrote:
>> I defined a code template with the content
>> ó${caret}
>> and I used it to insert the ó character in an XML file. The caret was 
>> positioned after the inserted character. Please specify the type of 
>> editor associated with your code template and the platform and the 
>> version of Java virtual machine used to run oXygen. The JVM version is 
>> displayed in Help -> About -> System properties -> java.vm.version.
> I got this fixed already, it seems that I have to load the current file 
> in order to apply the changes that I have made in the code template. 
> Clicking the apply button in the preferences dialog does not 
> automatically apply the changes that I have made. For example, if i 
> created a ${caret}ó template and used it then after a while change it to 
> ó${caret}, then I have to reload the file i'm editing in order to apply 
> the changes.
> I have oXygen 8.2 stand alone (trial version) in Windows XP. JVM is 
> 1.6.0_01-b06.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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