[oXygen-user] Is It PossibleTo Assign Shortcuts Keys For Code Template

Sorin Ristache
Thu Jul 26 09:42:29 CDT 2007


Inserting a character easier than opening the Character Map dialog and 
finding the character for each insertion was requested before on this list:


A solution is a custom code template which inserts the character at 
cursor position. Defining a custom code template is very easy but in the 
current version of oXygen a shortcut cannot be assigned to a code 
template. We have this issue logged on our JIRA.

I defined a code template with the content


and I used it to insert the ó character in an XML file. The caret was 
positioned after the inserted character. Please specify the type of 
editor associated with your code template and the platform and the 
version of Java virtual machine used to run oXygen. The JVM version is 
displayed in Help -> About -> System properties -> java.vm.version.


Jeff Sese wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to assign shortcut keys for custom code template? Or is 
> it possible to assign shortcut keys for commonly used unicode characters?
> It nice that oxygen has the character map dialog so that insertion of 
> unicode characters can be easy, but it would really be nice if I can 
> assign shortcut keys to commonly type/inserted unicode characters. I 
> workaround that I did was assign code templates for these characters but 
> the feedback that I got from other possible user of the editor is that 
> it would be better if shortcut keys can be assigned.
> Also, when I assigned a code template like this: "ó${caret}",  when I 
> execute it using the ctrl+space the caret position moves back to the 
> start of the character, I was assuming that it would be at the end of 
> the character. Is this a bug?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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