[oXygen-user] Format and Indent Problem

Sun Jul 22 06:47:48 CDT 2007


May I propose (once again) a neutral form of indent for Oxygen

<root id="2"
  >  <element position="1">  space   are important   here </element
  > <element position="2"> space   are also   important  here </element

The only thing you can allow or not is to convert newline and tabs to
space as an option



On 7/20/07, Sorin Ristache <> wrote:
> Hello,
> There are no other workarounds yet. You have to specify the elements for
> which you want to preserve whitespace in one of the two ways. If you
> specify them in preferences you can store the Editor / Format /XML
> preferences at project level to avoid adding all the elements for all
> the projects in the same Preserve space elements table.
> We have this request already logged in our issue tracking system for a
> future version of oXygen.
> Regards,
> Sorin
> Jeff Sese wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > As I have read on previous posts, oXygen classifies mixed content based
> > on the current contents of an element, is this correct? If so, is it
> > possible for oXygen to classify elements based on the declarations made
> > in the DTD or Schema it is associated to?
> >
> > I know that the work around for this is to specify the pattern of
> > elements that you want to preserve the whitespace in the preferences or
> > to manually insert an xml:space="preserve" attributes for these
> > elements, but if an XML is associated with a DTD or a Schema then you
> > can tell whether whitespace in that element is ignorable or not.
> > Currently what I've been doing is for every project I have to specify in
> > the pattern listing all the mixed content elements that are defined in
> > the DTD/Schema so that when I do a pretty print the whitespace is
> > preserved and this method is very troublesome.
> >
> > Is there anymore workaround for this other than the ones I mentioned
> > above? Or can this be considered as an added feature for a future
> > version of the product?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Jeff
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