[oXygen-user] Ajax-like content completion list in oXygen?

George Cristian Bina
Mon Jul 9 07:50:06 CDT 2007

Hi David,

There is not ready to use support in oXygen for that. One can indeed 
write a plugin both in Eclipse and in the standalone version to provide 
that functionality.

Best Regards,
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David Sewell wrote:
> I'm wondering how the following might be accomplished in oXygen.
> Suppose I have an index of terms stored in an XML file, call it
> "index.xml". The file looks like this:
>     <index>
>         <entry>cats : and dogs</entry>
>         <entry>cats : and mice</entry>  <!-- etc. -->
>     <index>
> I am editing an XML file, call it "doc.xml",  in which I want to insert
> index terms contained in the index file, like so:
>     <p>In 2006 Felix the cat caught over 200
>        mice.<index><term>cats: and mice</term></index></p>
> While editing doc.xml, after I type "<term>", I want to access a list of
> possible entries drawn from index.xml. Ideally this would be implemented
> in the manner of popular Ajax-based form entry, so that typing the first
> few letters would call up a window containing a list of all index
> entries beginning with those letters.
> Because index.xml could contain thousands of entries, this goes beyond
> what oXygen content completion or code templates are designed to do.
> Would this task require writing a plug-in for oXygen? Or are there
> off-the-shelf Ajax tools that would work with the Eclipse version of
> oXygen to enable this kind of interaction?
> DS

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