[oXygen-user] Ajax-like content completion list in oXygen?

David Sewell
Fri Jul 6 12:09:53 CDT 2007

I'm wondering how the following might be accomplished in oXygen.

Suppose I have an index of terms stored in an XML file, call it
"index.xml". The file looks like this:
        <entry>cats : and dogs</entry>
        <entry>cats : and mice</entry>  <!-- etc. -->

I am editing an XML file, call it "doc.xml",  in which I want to insert
index terms contained in the index file, like so:

    <p>In 2006 Felix the cat caught over 200
       mice.<index><term>cats: and mice</term></index></p>

While editing doc.xml, after I type "<term>", I want to access a list of
possible entries drawn from index.xml. Ideally this would be implemented
in the manner of popular Ajax-based form entry, so that typing the first
few letters would call up a window containing a list of all index
entries beginning with those letters.

Because index.xml could contain thousands of entries, this goes beyond
what oXygen content completion or code templates are designed to do.
Would this task require writing a plug-in for oXygen? Or are there
off-the-shelf Ajax tools that would work with the Eclipse version of
oXygen to enable this kind of interaction?


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