[oXygen-user] xquery results in utf-8 charset

Roland Henkel
Wed Jan 3 08:41:34 CST 2007


Sorry, I am new in that list (and in oxygen, too). May be, my question 
already was discussed earlier.
I have tried oxygen 8 on two pcs both with win2k SP4. Among other things 
I tested some queries against a Berkeley xml db 2. 3. 8  database  
containing utf-8  contents.
So far so well.

But the results are shown right in utf-8 charset on the first pc but as 
little squares  on the other.

I wonder  at the cause of this  difference.  Is there a  configuration  
option ? Is something different in the win2k environment ? What could it 
May be this a wellknown simple problem.  Does  somebody know  the solution?


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