[oXygen-user] the last row height of the table

George Cristian Bina
Mon Dec 17 05:17:21 CST 2007


To specify the line height you can use something like:

<fo:table-row line-height="1500%">

Note that the percentage is applied on the font size:
The computed value of the property is this percentage multiplied by the
element's computed font size

Hope that helps,
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Lizl wrote:
> Hi:
>   In the A4 page master, I put some text in the top of the page, then a table followed, the table have table-header and some table-body, in table-body, there are some table-rows in it, the row number is not fixed but it can be calculated out by xslt.
>   My questions is I want the last row of the table to be extend to the bottom of the region-body. I have used the "height", "block-progress-dimention" properties on table-row or table or the table wrapper block-container, but all of them failured. what should I do?
>   the source code as follow:
>  [...]

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