[oXygen-user] 3-way merge?

Wed Aug 15 11:08:51 CDT 2007

The XML Diff/Merge tool that comes with Oxygen looks pretty nice. However
there doesn't seem to be provision for a 3-way merge (using a common ancestor).

This kind of merge is a common requirement when a repository of XML documents
is continually modified by a distributed team or company; users need to keep
merging others' changes to documents with their own changes before committing
modified documents to the repository. This would tie in well with the Synchro
SVN client, which allows you to perform merges in exactly this situation, but
apparently without the benefit of common-ancestor-awareness (?), or at least
without XML-awareness and common-ancestor-awareness at the same time.

Are there any plans to incorporate 3-way (common ancestor) merge into Oxygen
Diff/Merge tool?


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