[oXygen-user] xsl question

Timothy Reaves
Wed Aug 8 16:35:18 CDT 2007

     I have an issue I'm trying to resolve.  When I perform an xslt
transform in the XSLT Debugger, the output is what I expect.  When I
execute a transform with the command line:

java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -in applications\InputTemplate.xml -xsl
configxsl\transformer.xsl -out applications\Output.xml

the output is not the same.  In oXygen, I've specified InputTemplate.xml
as the XML, transformer.xsl as the XSL (both open in buffers) and Xalan.

     The difference I'm seeing is that in the debugger, an XInclude is
being included (the output window shows the combined document, and
properly transformed.  This is what I want).  The output when run
from the command line leaves the XInclude element alone, but
otherwise properly transforms the document.

     So does oXygen just process in-memory?  Is there a way to see the
equivalent command line?  Thanks.

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