[oXygen-user] InvocationTargetException

Chris Lilley
Thu Apr 26 13:11:24 CDT 2007

On Tuesday, April 24, 2007, 6:54:27 PM, George wrote:

GCB> Hi Chris,

Hi George.

I have been uninstalling all the Java versions, and oXygen, and clearing the registry of oxygen and java stuff, and reinstalling; it hadn't helped.

GCB>  From the stack trace the problem appears when oXygen tries to create 
GCB> the standard Java dialog for opening/saving files and it seems to get 
GCB> into problems loading an icon.
GCB> Have you changed the Windows appearance? It may be some new theme or 
GCB> style that Java cannot find its icons for...

I had indeed uninstalled a theme manager (Stardock Windowblinds). Never thought it would be related; I had a couple of missing icons but though that was merely aesthetic.

GCB> Maybe one thing you can try is to reset the options by renaming the 
GCB> com.oxygenxml folder from your [user home directory]/Application Data 
GCB> and let us know if that changes things.

I did that, and it did not change things. However, I have now repaired the icon set so there are no missing icons, and oXygen now happily starts once more.

Many thanks for the help, I would never have though it was a missing icon!

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