[oXygen-user] Help on XForms validation and auto-completion

Jirka Kosek
Mon May 29 11:07:55 CDT 2006

Paul Everitt wrote:

> 2) All XForms elements go in the <html:body>, including <xf:model>.  I 
> don't think that's correct, though I haven't yet seen something 
> describing XForms in XHTML 1 as a host language that says <xf:model> 
> MUST go in <html:head>.

There is no such rule, it is just a common practise.

> 3) I was looking for XHTML 2.  Oh well. :^)
> If you find something that is more official and works well in oXygen, 
> please email the list.  Thanks!
> I guess this stuff is all too new to beg for having an XHTML 2 + XForms 
> template in the next release of oXygen. :^)

Do you really think that using XHTML 2 is a good idea? Is there any 
software supporting it? XForms are great stuff and you can use them 
successfully with XHTML 1. There are several tools supporting XHTML 1 + 
XForms, but I don't know single XHTML 2 browser.


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