[oXygen-user] Using Idiom's FO output for the DITA Open Toolkit

Shawn McKenzie
Thu Jun 29 15:52:38 CDT 2006

If you have the toolkit working, you should be able to just install
the fo plugin per their instructions (and XEP) and you will have a new
transtype of pdf2.

Then, just build an ant task something like:

    <target name="proj2pdf">
        <ant antfile="${basedir}${file.separator}conductor.xml" target="init">
            <property name="args.input"

            <property name="output.dir"
            <property name="transtype" value="pdf2"/>

A better forum for this question might be the dita-users yahoo group.


On 6/29/06, Ray Miller <> wrote:
> How does one utilize Idiom's FO-1.1 plugin  for the DITA Open Toolkit with
> oxygen-7.2.0 ( eclipse-3.1.2 plugin )
> Ray
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