[oXygen-user] 7.2 on MacBook Pro

Steve Lay
Fri Jun 23 15:24:05 CDT 2006

I downloaded 7.2 onto my new intel-based MacBook Pro but when launching the
application it quits before anything appears on the screen.  The console
says the following:

[JavaAppLauncher] application launched with ppc-thin application stub.
Using native application stub instead.
[LaunchRunner Error] The main class "ro.sync.exml.Oxygen" could not be found.
[JavaAppLauncher Error] CallStaticVoidMethod() threw an exception
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
	at apple.launcher.LaunchRunner.run(LaunchRunner.java:85)
	at apple.launcher.LaunchRunner.callMain(LaunchRunner.java:50)

Any ideas? - I rather like the idea of getting to grips with the new SVN

Fortunately 7.1 still seems to work OK.


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