[oXygen-user] MarkLogic XQuery validation

Stefan Vasile
Thu Jun 15 02:46:24 CDT 2006

Dear Shannon,

Indeed, the validation support is not available in the current version 
due to the limitation of the XDBC Connectivity package 
(http://xqzone.marklogic.com/pubs/3.0/javadoc/index.html) we are using 
in order to access the MarkLogic server. Currently we provide support 
only for XQuery execution and you can access the MarkLogic resources 
through WebDAV interface.

We plan to add a better MarkLogic support (including validation support) 
in the next oXygen version based on the new MarkLogic server (3.1) and 
the new connectivity package (XCC).

Best regards,
Stefan Vasile
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

> Dear SyncRO Soft,
> I configured Oxygen to validate XQuery with MarkLogic Server;  
> however, I get "Validation support not available" -- problem  
> duplicated on colleague's workstation.
> Details: 7.2 on 10.4.6 with Java 5
> Very welcome feature, can't wait to use it.
> MarkLogic as a datasource for XQuery transformations seems to work  
> great, so thanks!
> Thanks,
> Shannon
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> Programmer/Analyst
> University of Virginia Press
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