[oXygen-user] Using Oxygen under Linux

Corey Wallis
Mon Jun 12 18:42:40 CDT 2006

Dear All,

I'm currently using Oxygen 7.2 under Linux specifically, Ubuntu 6.06.
Unfortunately I can't create a menu item, or a launcher on the
desktop, that will start Oxygen correctly. For those unfamiliar with
Ubuntu it uses Gnome as window manager by default.

I can create the menu item, or launcher, and can confirm all of the
paths are correct. Oxygen appears to start, I can see a process start
and HDD activity, however no window is displayed and the process
quickly stops.

If I launch oxygen via a terminal window, inside gnome, everything
works as expected.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

With thanks.


Corey Wallis
RUBRIC Technical Officer
University of Southern Queensland

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