[oXygen-user] [SVNClient] Show History oddity

Radu Pisoi
Mon Jun 12 01:22:33 CDT 2006

Dear Timothy Reaves,

This is a problem in the current version, the repository root URL is 
used to resolve the URL for renamed or moved resources. In this case the 
application will fail to open these resources.

I have encountered the same behavior after I canceled a checkout process 
and then I resumed it using the 'Update' action. Somehow the working 
copy information is incomplete, the repository root URL is missing. 
There is no way to set the repository root URL for a working copy, so 
you have to checkout again the module from repository using 'Check Out' 
action from Repository view, and let the process to finish.

In the next version we will try to find another way to get the 
repository root URL to avoid this problem.

Best regards,
Radu Pisoi
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Timothy Reaves wrote:
>     I've added a working copy to the client.  When I context-click and 
> select Show History, I get a dialog telling me that the repository 
> root can not be determined.  I click O.K., and the history is shown.  
> I can find no where to set the repository root for a Working copy.
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