[oXygen-user] svn client

Timothy Reaves
Thu Jun 8 19:52:21 CDT 2006

On Jun 8, 2006, at 2:37 AM, Radu Pisoi wrote:

> Dear Timothy,
> Please give us more information about your problem.
> For example, what methods do you use for ssh authentication and are  
> there other SVN clients that you use successfully?
> Regards,
> Radu
> Timothy Reaves wrote:
>>     This looks really interesting.  Unfortunately, I can't use  
>> it.  Most of my repositories are accessed via svn+ssh.  However,  
>> when I enter this, oXygen insists that I enter auth credentials.   
>> This is silly.  I use other things for ssh auth.  How quickly can  
>> you correct this defect, and make auth optional in the setup?

	Well I'm not exactly sure how that's relevant, but O.K.  On My Mac I  
use SSH Agent for key management, and on Linux I just use ssh-agent.   
For client, I use: the command line, Eclipse, svnX, TextMate, Komodo,  
Visual SlickEdit, SmartCVN, and SubVersion.  All of these work fine  
this way.  After all, this is standard ssl/ssh model.  Nothing new  
here.  All of them - when ssh is used - use existing ssh-agent, as is  

	The problem is that the oXygen client demands I enter a username/ 
password or key/passphrase.  Even when I enter the key and  
passphrase, it just doens't work.  It just keeps prompting me for a  

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