[oXygen-user] Oxygen 7 beta

Sorin Ristache
Thu Jan 5 07:06:56 CST 2006

Dear Christian,

<oXygen/> version 6.2 introduced dockable views which allow you to 
divide the editing area vertically by dragging the title of an editor 
inside the editing area and dropping it when the frame of the dragged 
editor is painted in the desired position. In the attached screenshot 
you can see how to unsplit the editing area by dragging the title of the 
personal.xml editor panel over personal-schema.xml until the drop frame 
painted in dark grey covers all the personal-schema.xml editor panel and 
then dropping it. The user manual which will come with the 7.0 release 
later this month will explain this.

For the null pointer error in previewing SVG files please provide a 
sample SVG file for reproducing it and specify your platform and Java 
version (Help -> About -> System properties, java.vm.version). We never 
got it and we did not receive other reports about such an error.

Best regards,

Christian Wittern wrote:
> occasionally the editor window will split into two and there is no
> obvious way to get it back to single window view (I guess this is just
> a documentation issue).  Another problem I had is that whenever I try
> to preview SVG files, I get a nullpointer exception.  Is there some
> configuration I missed?
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