[oXygen-user] RE: Docbook 5.0 Relax Schema and Xpointer Resolution

George Cristian Bina
Wed Nov 16 05:12:27 CST 2005

Just to update also the oxygen-user list with the latest developments on 
support for xml:id IDs for XInclude/XPointer.

I logged an issue and a patch with this on Xerces Jira:

We made a build starting from Xerces 2.7.1 and applying that patch:


To get this running in oXygen 6.2 copy the above jars over the ones from 
[oXygen]/lib folder.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

George Cristian Bina wrote:
> Hi Ray,
> We will look into this, however it is not an easy task.
> To understand what happens here it is how the processing is performed. 
> Let's assume you have an XML document master.xml and a document from 
> which you want to include a fragment, fragment.xml.
> The Relax NG validator acts as a SAX content handler placed after the 
> XML parser that parses the document.
> The XML parser does not know about the Relax NG validator.
> The XInclude processing is done inside the XML parser
> So, when the XML parser parses master.xml it will already resolve the 
> XInclude element and will replace it with the actual included content. 
> This reach the Relax NG validator. In the parsing phase there is no 
> schema processing involved as the XML parser does not even know about a 
> schema processor. In order to have a fragment from fragment.xml included 
> you need to know what is an ID in fragment.xml and for that you need to 
> parse it against a schema (but that document may not be valid against 
> some schema or there may be no schema associated with it). In any case, 
> finding the IDs in the fragment.xml requires parsing it against a schema 
> from the XML parser which does not know about any schema.
> Now, the possible solution here will be to forget about schema and rely 
> on the xml:id for determining what values represent IDs in the included 
> document. This I think is doable but again it is not a trivial task. I 
> will add this on our bugzilla and we will look into it.
> As a workaround for the current situation you can place the content you 
> want to include in a separate file and include it both from the master 
> document and from the fragment document. For instance if you have a para 
> in the fragment.xml then you can place that in a new file, xinclude that 
> file in fragment.xml in the place the para used to be and xinclude it 
> also in the master xml where you included it using xpointer.
> Best Regards,
> George
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> Ray Miller wrote:
>>>> IDs are supported only when they are defined in DTDs. <<
>> So how will the oXygen community cope with Docbook-rng schemas; surely
>> oXygen has a plan other than to state nonsupport.
>> Xinclude / XPointer is essential for many of us docbook users.
>> Advice please.
>> Ray
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