[oXygen-user] XML Schema validation and XInclude

Robert Koberg
Mon Nov 14 11:49:15 CST 2005

George Cristian Bina wrote:
 > Hi Rob,
 > We were not able to reproduce the problem. Please send an attachment
 > with all the files you test with placed in an archive so we can test
 > the same thing.

OK. I just used a PC with the oxygen 6.2 and it worked fine using the 
files that live on the mac (i.e. the mac is the file server for my 
test). It doesn't work on the mac.

I had installed the latest apple jdk1.5 release candidate so maybe that 
is the problem. (I have changed the system JAVA_HOME to 1.5 against 
recommendations...) So, nevermind :(

Sorry for the bother,

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