[oXygen-user] Q: RNG for XHTML (2)?

Paul Everitt
Thu Jul 7 04:52:33 CDT 2005

Hi all.  I'm using oXygen 6 to create a custom RNG schema.  I have an  
element "body" where I'd like to allow XHTML.  Thus, I need to  
include some stuff from XHTML in an RNG schema.

I can't really find a good RNG schema, though, for XHTML 2.  Sure,  
the spec lists them all.  But, it's broken into....ahem....MANY parts  
that require cutting and pasting.  I spent 20 min doing so and wound  
up with tons of validation errors.

Does anyone have a nice compilation for XHTML I could download, one  
that is known to validate in oXygen 6?

Also, any chance a future version of oXygen could ship with XHTML  
RNG? :^)


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