[oXygen-user] Website DTD Error

Sorin Ristache
Wed Jul 6 04:34:55 CDT 2005

Dear Raymond,

The transformation ends because the root element of foo.xml specified in 
the toc element does not have an id attribute. This is reported as an 
error by the Website stylesheet and is caused by the condition:

   <xsl:if test="not($page/*[1]/@id)">
     <xsl:message terminate="yes">
       <xsl:value-of select="@page"/>
       <xsl:text>: missing ID.</xsl:text>

when the page variable contains the nodeset corresponding to foo.xml 
specified in the toc element of layout.xml. Just add an id attribute for 
example id="layout-id" and you will get the attached document 

If you set Xalan as XSLT transformer in the transformation scenario you 
get a more informative error message:

foo.xml: missing ID.

We already know about this bug in the integration of Saxon in <oXygen/> 
- not reporting the content of a terminating xsl:message, just reporting 
that the processing was terminated - and we are working on it.

Best regards,

Raymond wrote:
> Utilizing Kubuntu-5.04 (best linux notebook distro to date :-), Saxon-6.5.3, 
> Website-2.6.0 (layout.dtd, autolayout.xsl), jdk-1.5.0_03 and oXygen-6.0
> When transforming layout.xml to autolayout.xml utilizing the following code: 
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> <layout>
>    <config param="text-prefix" value="txt"/>
>    <config param="homebanner-tabular" value="graphics/homebanner.png" 
> altval="Home Banner"/>
>    <config param="banner-tabular" value="graphics/banner.png" 
> altval="Banner"/>
>    <config param="homebanner" value="graphics/homebanner.png" altval="Home 
> Banner"/>
>    <config param="banner" value="graphics/icons/iconhome.gif" 
> altval="Banner"/>
>    <copyright>
>       <year>2005</year>
>       <year>2004</year>
>       <holder role="http://www.foo.org/">Raymond</holder>
>    </copyright>
>    <style src="example.css" type="text/css"/>
>    <toc page="foo.xml" filename="index.html"/>
> </layout>
> <!-- EOF -->
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> validates but the following error is generated:
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Processing terminated by xsl:message at line 128
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> The offending code is the toc tag.
> Raymond
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