[oXygen-user] Website DTD Error

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jul 4 06:50:53 CDT 2005

Dear Raymond,

The XSLT transformation of a DocBook Website 2.6.0 XML document that is 
valid against website-full.dtd should not produce errors. I was able to 
validate [website-2.6.0-dir]/example/full.xml, transform it to HTML and 
view it in a web browser without errors. If you can do the same with 
full.xml and you did not edit the website-full.dtd file of the DocBook 
Website distribution please post a small sample XML document so the 
error can be reproduced and specify the parameters of the transformation 
scenario that you are using. If you edited the website-full.dtd file 
then you should also post it together with the XML sample.

Best regards,

Raymond wrote:
> Following error when attempting to transforme a docbook Website:
> System ID:
> /usr/local/website-2.6.0/xml/website-full.dtd
> Description: F The markup in the document preceding the root element must be 
> well-formed.
> Raymond
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