[oXygen-user] Is it possible to do a batch conversion using a transformation scenario?

Robert Koberg
Thu May 27 07:04:43 CDT 2004


Are Gulbrandsen wrote:

> I have used the xslt debugger to make an xslt stylesheet that does an 
> XML2XML transformation. I want to convert a number of XML-documents that 
> use a dtd to a new document structure using an XML schema.

You could achieve this currently by making a simple Ant build file which 
has a target to do the batch transformations. Then, in oXygen you would 
select Tools -> External Tools -> Preferences. Then in the preferences 
dialog you would fill out the fields with appropriate values and add the 
command to the commandline field:

ant [targetName]

This will show up in oXygen and you can just click it to perform the task.


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