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Dan Caprioara
Tue Jan 20 02:11:03 CST 2004


Yes, we know the problem. It was about a stream that was not closed 
properly. Please download the all platforms installation kit from here:


Then copy the oxygen.jar file into your installation lib and let me know 
if you still have this problem.



Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Sunday 18 January 2004 03:12, Ricardo Pietrobon wrote:
>>I am using the brand new version 3.0 on a Fedora Core box and I just love
>>it. The outline box is great and the ability to save configuration
>>scenarios is very useful. However, I am running into some problems with
>>the latter. Here is what i did: I saved two scenarios to transform from
>>docbook to pdf and html, where the output file is always saved to either a
>>file called html_delete.html or pdf_deleteme.pdf in my home directory, no
>>matter where the original xml file is. This works perfectly for pdf files,
>>but for html i keep getting this error message:
>>Cannot rename temporary file:
>>lt to: /home/rpietro/html_deleteme.html
>>I went back and deleted both the .xml_xslt and the original html file but
>>it still didn't work. If I try to save the transformed html file to the
>>directory where the original xml file is, it will do it without a problem,
>>but then the purpose of saving all files to a single location is defeated
>>since I would have to change the configuration scenario all the time
>>Any suggestions?
> Hello Rick,
> The file stat_vs_phys.xml_xslt is normally generated when transforming to FO. 
> It is a temporary XSL-FO file.
> It should not be required for HTML Transformation. When you setup the 
> configuration senario, you should have no options selected on the FO 
> Processor tab. Is this the case?
> --
> Sean Wheller
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