[oXygen-user] oXygen 3.0 tag insight problem

Sylvain Perchaud
Sun Jan 11 12:42:50 CST 2004


I'm currently testing oXygen 3.0 and I'm still facing a problem with Tag

My system:

    Mac OS 10.3.2
    Java runtime 1.4.1

When I create a new document, the DocBook DTD being the default DTD to
use in the Tag Insight Preferences, Tag Insight behaves strangely with
the following code:

--- Start ---

--- End ---

(&es; is here an entity defined in my main project file)

It seems that Tag Insight doesn't understand that the <orgname> element
is closed, since when I want to add another element after </author> it
only allows me the </orgname> tag or elements available inside <orgname>.

Sylvain Perchaud
Tel : +33 (0) 674 758 551

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